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CURB your Computer

Clean, Upgrade, Repair, or Build your next computer with Smallz Computing! Whether your PC is getting a bit dusty or won't start at all, we can help. We'll do a complete teardown of your system if required and tell you everything we find/fix afterwards. Don't have a computer? We can help with that too! Give us a budget and we'll get back to you with a complete parts list before ordering/assembling your new system.

Our work so far!

Brandon Gonzalez

Custom build #D4, sale price: $600

"Greatest guy in plattsburgh right here. Best of the best keep up the good work Mr. Smallz. Best PC for the price, I only paid $600 and it plays better than the a system I bought from a pawn shop that said it was a gaming PC. Keep up the work man much love"

Brian Goldsmith

Custom build #D5, sale price: $900

"I'd like to make a shout out to Smallz Computing. I've never been so satisfied with a sale before. The exchange was very open and filled with details and anything I didn't understand was explained perfectly. This is more than a buisness, this is obviously love for what is done and who it is done for."